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What people are saying about MemSys

I’ve been very impressed with the support program. They always listen to suggested improvements. It’s really satisfying to see my ideas show up in the next update – new features that make it easier for me to raise more funds and better serve our members.

Erin O’Doherty

former Director of Membership at Wyoming Public Media

Climb Wyoming

WXPN has been using MemSys for over 17 years. It delivers all the tools we need for successful fundraising and at a great price. The best part is the knowledgeable people who provides fantastic support and custom software whenever we need it.

Kathleen Wigger

Fundraising Operations Manager


MemSys has been beneficial in many ways. It allows us to track donors, segment files and manage services using different calendars. We contact our Leadership Circle donors through quarterly letters, while sending mid-level donors a monthly renewal series based on Member Year.

Chris Daly

Annual Giving Director


WYCC-TV20’s membership revenue has increased significantly since we started using MemSys. MemSys let's us quickly and easily generate segmented appeals and monitor response rates. Many of our efforts have become much more efficient since we began using MemSys.

Alisa Clark

Membership Coordinator


MemSys has made membership life simple and easy. I could also go on for days about how great their support staff is. I can’t/don’t want to remember what life was like before MemSys.

Andrew James


91.3 The Summit WAPS-FM

MemSys is just fabulous. The Query feature is intuitive and easy to use. And we really appreciate the consistent support!

Gene Evans

Membership Outreach Manager


MemSys has made all the difference in the world.

Barbara Bingnear

Director of Gifts & Outreach


We are long-time users of MemSys. Being a joint licensee with dual memberships for radio and TV presents many challenges and MemSys has always been up to the task.

Angela Meadows

Member Services Manager

West Virginia Public Broadcasting

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