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How to limit merging a pair of donors

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How Premiums on Hold are approved for shipment

Most premium requests are entered in association with a Pledge record. And, almost always, they are entered with an initial Status of "H", which means "on-hold pending payment".

You may adjust the percentage of a Pledge which must be paid, for its held premiums to be approved for shipment –

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How to see your MemSys build date

1. While running MemSys, click the Help menu item.

2. Choose "About"

3. Note the date at "(created…"

4. Compare the list of What's New features with that date. Anything described in What's New with a date later than your system's "created"

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Forest Direct Premium Fulfillment

Here's how MemSys works with Forest Direct, the premium fulfillment organization:

1. Open "Mailing… Premium Shipments".  Enter the desired selection criteria and then…








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How to Count Active Donors

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How to Limit Merging a Pair of Donors

How can I tag a pair of donor accounts to not be merged?

1. Sometimes you will find a pair of donor accounts that should never be merged, despite being reported as suspected duplicates, e.g. family members or friends at the same address.

2. It is possible to suppress merging a pair of accounts and to exclude them from the “Search Duplicates”

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Duplicate records not allowed (Error: 28)

This most often happens there is a problem with the unique numbering system for the major tables in Memsys.

What are other stations saying about MemSys?

MemSys has made all the difference in the world.

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