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Herlick Data Systems created the first version of MemSys in 1984, working with public broadcasting development professionals.  Soon after, it was offered to donor-supported radio and television stations across the United States and in Canada.  MemSys was created by and for public broadcasters; but it can also serve the needs of religious broadcasters, such as the Loma Linda Broadcasting Network installed in 2009. MemSys is a good fit for any non-profit organization, supported by annual memberships or individual/major giving.

Redlands, California (Citrusee Valley)

Photo my Marge Beasley

Photo by Marge Beasley

Herlick Data Systems has published and supported every version of MemSys since it was introduced.  HDS is based in Redlands, California.  Much like Silicon Valley in the Bay Area, Redlands is a historical citrus garden spot, which slowly converted to a high tech center and bedroom community.  Besides personnel at the main office, the HDS support department includes a field office to better serve clients in the central and eastern time zones.

Even the earliest version of MemSys offered sophisticated donor segmentation and personalization.  MemSys has helped many of our clients win membership fundraising awards over the years.   During that time, our clients have suggested many additions and upgrades that would allow MemSys to help them become more effective fund raisers and membership managers.

We’ve never stopped listening. MemSys is now available as software licensed to your site or as a subscription-based service known as "MemSys Online"!

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