MemSys to attend PMDMC Conference July 9 – 11, 2019 in Dallas, TX

Please join the MemSys Team: Nick, Michael, and Randy at Greater Public’s PMDMC 2019 in Dallas, TX.  We will be at a booth in the exhibit hall and attending sessions. The Amazing Randy will be providing free stress-busting chairs massages. And we’ll demonstrate MemSys 5.0 with redesigned reports,

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MemSys to attend the NRB proclaim19 from March 27th to 29th in Anaheim, CA

MemSys has been used at Loma Linda Broadcasting Network, a southern California religious broadcaster, since 2009.  Nick and Michael will be looking to see how MemSys can assist other religious broadcasters with their membership fundraising needs at this years National Religious Broadcasters proclaim 19 conference.  

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Michael in his Scottish kilt with Gigantor on last day of NRB

MemSys has been represented this week at NRB – National Religious Broadcasters – in Nashville, Feb-28 to Mar-2.

Although MemSys has traditionally been a favored donor tracking database for public broadcasters, it also meets the needs of faith-bases stations,

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Start of new Calendar Year

How to set up MemSys to track revenue for the new calendar year.

MemSys to attend NRB “Proclaim 18”, Feb. 28 – Mar. 2 in Nashville, TN

Nick and Michael will explore how MemSys can assist religious broadcasters at this year’s NRB “Proclaim 18”.

Daily Register

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Membership – Pledge Management

This is the foundation of a complete membership system. Maintain your membership database, enter pledges, and print reports. This module allows for the output of basic mailings, member cards and tax receipts. Operator, passwords, access rights and transaction tracking enforce security.

MemSys Online

We’re proud to introduce the new cloud-based version of MemSys, available as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Features include…

  • No software license to purchase, just a pay-as-you-go subscription service, in renewable one-year commitments.
  • Access to MemSys Online 24/7, on an highly secure cloud server,

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Advanced Fundraising

Advanced Fundraising enhances your ability to segment and target the members based on their giving patterns. Renewal, lapsed-rejoin and additional gift mailings output files with a wide range of personalization fields. Segmentation reports output information about member giving patterns and flag members for better targeting.

Major Giving

Major Giving provides separate access to authorized users for confidential major donor information, as well as access to basic MemSys information.

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